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I was more than happy to be a contributor to their efforts…But trying to navigate through the maze of emotions that is dating gets even harder — and can seem impossible — when you’re already grappling with a mental illness primarily affecting your emotions: depression.A week ago he messaged me and admitted to me that he was depressed.According to him, even his parents don't know, just a few of his closest friends.There are probably credible sources on the internet that will provide guidelines on how to deal with the symptoms when they are present in someone you love It's important you don't push them, but just be there for their support.Make sure they're receiving proper professional help if needed.

He asked if he could talk to me instead, and, as his friend, I told him I would. I waved it off, saying that he had his friends who were there for him. Add the pain and difficulties of a mental illness, and those troubles are magnified.If your daughter is dating a boy dealing with depression, she may need special guidance from you to deal with this situation.I was super worried for him, but he told me he wasn't suicidal.He begged me not to tell anyone, and I promised not to.