Updating sabayon 3 2

) is a Linux distribution built using the Portage package management system.Unlike a binary software distribution, the source code is compiled locally according to the user's preferences and is often optimized for the specific type of computer.Status: The CRUX team is happy to announce the release of CRUX 3.2. Important libraries have been updated to new major versions which are not ABI compatible with the old versions.CRUX 3.2 comes with a multilib toolchain which includes glibc 2.22, GCC 5.2.0 and Binutils 2.25.1. We strongly advise against manually updating to CRUX 3.2 via ports, since these changes will temporarily break the system.Generally speaking when it comes to Sabayon, unless you know what you are doing (for future reference users that “know what they are doing” in this context will be referred to as ), you are recommended to only use Entropy as your package management system (PMS), as working with Portage is more risky and mixing Entropy with Portage is known to sometimes lead to system breaks.I mix the two, even though I have no formal training in anything technology-related and I have only been using Sabayon since July/August 2015 and had no experience before this with Gentoo Linux or Gentoo-based distributions like Calculate Linux.

The primary focus of this distribution is "keep it simple", which is reflected in a simple tar.gz-based package system, BSD-style initscripts, and a relatively small collection of trimmed packages.

This post will cover some of the basics of using Entropy and Portage individually and how to use them together, in the safest way possible.

It will also cover other related topics like using Layman to add overlays and the basics on how to write ebuilds.

Why is my emerge output: I just switched to Gentoo from Sabayon 4.2, for an important reason. ( /var/lib/portage/world ) Sabayon is built with the entropy package manager, that was designed to be compatible with portage.

Not such a bad idea ( althogh a portage repository full of bins would have been better).