Who is glenn lewis dating

Both his parents worked in the auto industry; his father as a factory worker, while his mother, as Frey later described, "baked pies at General Motors." Frey's interest in music came early.

He started piano lessons at the age of five, but then abandoned his lessons for the guitar as a teenager after catching a strong dose of Beatles fever.

The pair of 28-year-olds 'have been seeing each other on the low for a little while' according to a source who spoke to E! The showbiz site have also quoted a rep insisting 'they are good friends,' but the source who pegged them as a couple has said: 'She is completely his type of gal.'Quoth that insider: 'They know and have met each other's families.

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Altogether the Eagles sold more than 120 million albums worldwide while Frey won six Grammy Awards, and five American Music Awards.

The band’s success was built on recording techniques which smoothed out any grit, producing a sort of shiny, all-American homogeneity.