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is now on more than 586 stations from coast to coast and has more than 13 million total listeners.

For Twitch — whose core business revolves around video-game players broadcasting their exploits live to fans — the “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” continues its expansion into non-gaming content.

Warm dark matter (WDM) is a hypothesized form of dark matter that has properties intermediate between those of hot dark matter and cold dark matter, causing structure formation to occur bottom-up from above their free-streaming scale, and top-down below their free streaming scale.

The most common WDM candidates are sterile neutrinos and gravitinos.

One possible WDM candidate particle with a mass of a few ke V comes from introducing two new, zero charge, zero lepton number fermions to the Standard Model of Particle Physics: "ke V-mass inert fermions" (ke Vins) and "Ge V-mass inert fermions" (Ge Vins).

ke Vins are overproduced if they reach thermal equilibrium in the early universe, but in some scenarios the entropy production from the decays of unstable heavier particles can suppresses their abundance to the correct value.