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Most apps of this ilk are samples-based, and so grind to a juddering halt at this point.

I can access the rest of my i Pad's features, it's just my browser that is stuck. And if I can get out of this jam, is there a way I can prevent something like this from happening to me in the future? If you are using the safari browser on an i Pad or any other i OS product and you notice the browser has been high jacked, most of the time this can be resolved by clearing the history and website data from the browser.

OK - you've probably noticed on the Apple App Store that i Pad apps cost more - sometimes a LOT more - than their i Phone equivalents. Many of the best free i Phone apps cost money in their i Pad incarnations, and the quality level of what's still free for the tablet is often ropey.

But among the dross lie rare gems – i Pad apps that are so good you can't believe they're still free.

The basics involve selecting a track type (drums, bass, or synth), and then a sound, whereupon Groovebox starts playing a loop.

If you’re not happy with what you hear, tap the dice and Groovebox will spit out a different pattern.